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officers outside for another hour. police believe he left the scene in a gray 2006 chevolet pickup truck with a california license plate number. >> police are not saying anything yet about a possible motive for this killing but ask if you see him, or know where he is;%;y, you're asked to call 911 or say jose police. a third man is under arrest for torching a muni bus. the 23-year-old is in jail for felony vandalism. police say he broke windows on the side of the bus. they credit help from the public in arresting diaz after releasing pictures of this crime happening in the act. two other men arrested this week for vandalizing the same bus following last℠j month's giants world series win.
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>> we've learn aid back story to a dangerous situation. a hotel had to be evacuated thursday morning because of a one doctor followed his instincts and likely saved lives in the process. at 1:00 a.m. thursday 500 guests were evacuated from their hotel this, after firefighters found a carbon monoxide leak from the swimming room hail boiler. paramedics transferred a guest to mills peninsula hospital. a cat scan result puzzled the radiologist. >> something didn't look right. >> the patient had a high fever, not conscious, the doctor thought he might have
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had a stroke but results were different. he decided it might be carbon monoxide poisoning. >> i have only seen it once or twice in teaching during my training. >> he told the she also couldn't believe it. >> my first thought was we're in california. i haven't seen carbon monoxide poisoning since i was a student in chicago. >> tests showed the carbon monoxide was high, but just about the amount of a heavy smokier. his wife said he didn't smoke. he believes readings were a result of the good work by paramedics.. >> the fire department supplying oxygen so quickly, i think that is why the level
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was lower. >> after consulting with paramedics, firefighters decided to go back to the hotel to test the grounds for carbon monoxide. they ice shaited the co in a guests were evacuated. a phone shallly bigger disaster prevented. >> we're kind of like detectives.. >> yes. >> this is kind of like a real live quote, episode of "house" or something. >> neither say they think of themselves as heros.. >> i just am a small piece of the big puzzle that i'm glad that the diagnosis i made led to the safety of a lot of other people that could have been seriously injured. >> well, you know, in most carbon monoxide cases it's usual will he a suicide attempt or a gas leak in a house. now, this one happened in a
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hotel, an unlikely place fr a carbon monoxide leak that. is why it's difficult for doctors to put two and two together. thank goodness, they did.= patient admitted to the hospital is doing better we're told he can now wiggle toes doctors say that is an encouraging sign. >> glad to see a good outcome. thank you very much. a new law mandates all tomorrows in the -- homes in the state mau mu have the detectors but we have a long way to go. only one home in 10 has one now. nannette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> i did not know it was a law. >> kevinna coleman lives in a home that uses propane but did not know about a year old state law that requires single family homes to have carbon[lxtu monoxide dedoctors. cal fire estimates only one in
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10 homes does. >> i"&e;ñ have heard sad storien the news of families that have perished because they didn't have one. >> it is known as silent killer because gap is odorless and colorless. according to cal fire nearly 500 people die nationwide every year of the poisoning and sends 20,000 to the emergency room that. is why detectors were mandated a year ago, to save lives. november is carbon monoxide wareness month. this is the time of the year people don't know it is around them. >> a lot of cases they're fatal. people don't recognize symptoms. they think they have the flu. they continue to subject them selfs to high levels. >> starting january 1 multi unit residences rb required to have alarms installed.
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they range from $20 to $40. some fire departments give them out free. authorities want to emphasize the detectors are not the same as smoke detectors. kevinna is doing shopping this weekend. >> i need to pay attention to that to go get one. >> it's recommended one being installed on every floor outside each sleeping area. >> abc 7 news and fire departments have joined forces to prevent casualties from fires and poisonings. want to try to help protect you at your home. our campaign is intended to raise wareness to increase number of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in bay area houses. for tips on protecting the#boe family and home check out operation save a live on our web site. just look under see it on tv. we have information on there for you we're only halfway through fall. it feels like winter arrived in northern california. there is an icy layer of snow
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covering highways tonight. 18 inches fell and patrol requiring chains now. you can see it in this video. many lower elevations could get the first frost of the season tonight.cno@v >> a tail sent to you report part of a burst winter weather there is more still to come spencer christian is here now with a look. >> there are lots of possibilities tonight. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see most areas are experiencing quiet weather conditions now. but see this line of showers? let's get closer reaching on to the coastline. then, inland just a little bit into parts of the peninsula.
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so we've got showers down in that area. there could be more on the way. up into north bay now, things calm but into mountains of lake county we've seen light snow and higher elevations. we have activity moving off shore. isolated showers can pop up. here is the bigger picture, you can see big cold air mass with pockets of showers mainly off shore, but we do expect it to move our way overnight z we could haveoktu÷ subfreezing temperatures in spots. i'll show were you later. >> thank you very much. see you shortly. a san francisco motorcycle officer was injure afd colliding with a car. the officer taken to the hospital. we're glad to say he's expected to recover. the crash happened on fulton street. this is more than an hour ago. there is no word on how or why
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this happened. anotherv@z m traffic accident ts afternoon sheefrd a fire hydrant. the driver veered on to the sidewalk and took 40 minutes for the fire department to shut off water. it's just gushing into the air no. one was injured just everybody got wet. >> still ahead tonight here on apc 7 news at 6:00 president obama draws the line on reducing the deficit. opinions on where that line should be drawn. >> and a measurement of the need that exists as theomq economy improves hunger in the heart of silicon valley. >> you've heard of overloading your washing machine. what about under loading? ahead on 7 on your side a machine won't do small loads. >> remember the yacht that
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taxes and spending connecticut at the first of the year. today the president is campaigning for what he hopes will be a grand bargain for republicans in congress. >> president obama learning from his mistake, isn't asking the nation to weigh in this time around.
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speaking from the east room, the president's message was simple. >> we can't just cut our way across f we're serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthyest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> president obama made that argument a central theme of his campaign. now, he says it's up to congress to follow the will of the majority. at lefty odoule's locals and tourists watched then agreed tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 ought to expire. >> i've been a supporter of it. >> i think we all have to sacrifice. >> i'm willing to may more taxes to solve the problem. i don't know why most people won't. >> we did go a place called
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hefty's this, morning former deputy chief of staff was giving the republican take. >> between now and 24th of rhetoric he told the business counsel there will be a short term fix and a long term deal but will republicans accept tax hikes on) rich? >> it's not as clear as the president will have you believe. >> gosh. it's a 49-49 issue. >> last time gallup asked the question, 66%, better than two to one, supported the idea. >> 66%. well, today, the speaker of the house john boehner said everything, including increased revenue needs to be on the table and said it's
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time for the president to lee.d. >> thank you. wall street weighed in on what the president had to say today. stock prices on the rice after'z consumers sentiment reported at a more than five-year high. here is what happened after television. the dow finished with a gain of just four points. this is what the line looked like. they were just lining up to get boxes for thanksgiving and christmas and put their name on the list for christmas toys. >> this is really scary to see people braving elements just for that opportunity. >> we're crowded and money is tight. so this won't be a very good
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holiday season. >> they plan to sign up 4,000 families. the agency making a plea for don yaigs to meet demands. >> a former america's cup sailing team was devastated by the -- and lift spirits. here is the story. >> looks like a hot sauce bottle but it's supposed to be a plane. >> should go farther than a couple feet. i used to build model planes.. >> that is not stopping mario and his daughter from planning to climb aboard it tomorrow and run it full tilt off this platform, 30 feet above mccovey cove. >> we enjoy the rush. >> they're one of 3 entries if the flight day set for
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tomorrow. the event has been here twins before. there have been hundreds of events around the world but this will be the first to include an entry from a sailing team. >> just saying scrounge around the base. picking up odds and ends. >> this sailor was not on the $8 million cat when it crashed and broke it's wing in the bay. it's now being rebuilt here and in new zealand. and she thought it would be fun to compete. inside pier 80, falcon designed and built the craft itself. he did consult with a team usa design expert for advice. >> i wanted to build a straight wing. i don't, am not sure we're going to fly. >> fal cone could have serious
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competition. >> this flies like a beauty. >> how far did you go? >> just down to oakland. i had an errand there. >> seriously have you ever flown it?. >> no. >> the teams will be judged on create$-s activity and showmanship. one of the skippers is a judge in the competition. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> it's like true confessions. i'd love to try it. >> i'd love to watch. >> watch me try it. >> yes. >> there is good weather for it. there is a live view in san francisco, looking eastward under partly cloudy skies. temperatures aren't dropping. not much dropping in the way
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of rainfall. that doesn't mean the threat ended. reaching out to sea, must activity has been off shore today. some is working on land just north of santa cruz. we'll probably see more showers popping up just around anywhere around the bay area. light snow and it's not over yet, either. temperatures dropping off 48 degrees now in santa rosa. about 50 in other locations. temperatures continue dropping throughout the night. some showers continue hours. could be thunder, maybe snowflakes at 3,000 feet or above in higher peaks and near freezing or below saturday morning early, and sunday
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morning. the air mass just stays with us throughout the weekend. you can see coldest pockets of air in the north bay there. there is a chance of showers and here is why. low pressure system cold air and pockets of moisture wrapped around it. once again showers, are possible during overnight hours. start agent 7:00 most of us will be dry. we'll see maybe another pocket of moisture moving on the coast. 4:00 in the morning, maybe better organized thet:kyky by morning tomorrow should be all over. rainfall should be. we'll have clouds j tomorrow, cool, but looks like a dry and pleasant coming our
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way. we can see an additional three areas of snow. high temperatures back here in the bay area tomorrow, under partly cloudy skies, mainly in the 50s not likely. many locations will see 60 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be a cool day. here is the accu-weather forecast. chilly early saturday morning. sunny by the way, veteran's day will be observed. monday will be a dry day. more rainy weather coming our way mid week next week. it's that time of the year. >> thank you. >> just ahead can under loading a washing machine be as bad as overloading one? michael
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most appliances are designed with energy ear fishent r yensy in mind one may have a flaw. >> you know what can happen if you overload a washing machine. it turns out you might have a similar problem if you under load one of the new washers too,. >> richard hahnlan is showing us what happened when he puts a smile pile of socks into his front loaded machine. >> it will shut down if this load is too small. >> says the new washer sometimes stops in the middle
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of a cycle, leaving water in the drum. he has to reset the machine. >> i accepted this. and i said well i have to put up with this, then only to find out in small print that this is indemic to this machine. >> here is what he found uk see interest in small print says load too small. >> it says unbalanced error message could mean the slood too small. too small? does that mean he can only do laundry if there is a lot of it? richard didn't like that i'd why. >> so i called sears and i said this, i wish you'd said something. i might not have bought this machine. >> richard says sometimes it handles small loads fine, other times, it stops, he just wished he'd known. >> he so i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted sears. the company explained what happens with a front loaded
6:26 pm
washer. it said with small loads clothes tend to clump to one side, and may cause the drum to bang against the cabinet in the spin cycle. the machine designed to resers the spin. and you get an error mess yanl. the solution? ken more says add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened. it shakes, slows down, this time, the machine does complete the load. still, sears wanted richard to be happy. >> he said come down pick out a new machine. >> sears let richard swap his machine with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. >> so far richard says it has done shawl loads without a
6:27 pm
problem. it's not just kenmore other front loaders can be sensitive so wash items of similar weight as well as similar color in the same load. boy like to thank sears. >> that is a lot of sorting. >> yes. >> a major shake up tonight from the hall of power. the resignation from general david pait trayus. >> what do you have to get shot? i was maenlly wounded.:h"3 >> also tonight a veteran denied benefits he deserves and a woman lost her job for taking his side. stay with us. another half ho
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shock in washington tonight over the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus. the retired four star general stepped down after admitting he had an extramarital affair. officials say it was uncovered during an fbi investigation reports say agents discovered broadwell improperly gained access to petraeus's exmail and may have accessed
6:31 pm
classified information. petraeus told the president of the affair and offered to resign. the white house says the president accepted that resignation after taking the night to think it over this resignation disappointed dianne feinstein saying in ãíi understand and respect the decision. also today the head of lockheed martin was forced to resign over what the company described as a close personal relationship with a suborder knit employee. >> around the country thousands will spend veteran's day sunday waiting to see if the department of veterans affairs will grant them their disability claims. tonight finding many will be unfair+[;" denied because of railroads made by the va.
6:32 pm
>> i knew it. >> the department of veterans affairs denied the claim for post traumatic stress disorder. >> what do you have to do? get shot? there is more than one way of getting wounded. >> he was on a navy destroyer ÷ engaged in battle off the coast of the beirut. the va couldn't find evidence he was in combat. >> i did a google search and verified his ship was actually in combat. >> jamie fox was a claims processor. >> i was new and i didn't know what to do. >> he never saw the file again, five months later forced out. the termination letter said she did not send a letter
6:33 pm
denying a claim. >> i was in shock and confused. >> fox filed a wrongful termination suit. the agency declined requests but in a deposition a former director did talk, and shed light on how it is run. saying it didn't matter it was right or wrong. >> they're interested in production. and getting the decisions done regardless of whether right or wrong. >> the attorney has successfully sued the va on behalf of vet trans. he doesn'tjjñy represent round tree or fox. >> the center for investigative reporting analyzed a subset and found an error rate of 38%. and there is this the board
6:34 pm
says they made mistakes in 73% of cases saying it's a practice called top sheeting. a famous term that. is take a look at the file and write a decision. >> in a statement the va says it's retooling it's procedures. the goal is to reduce its rate to 2% by 2015. >> i want to see changes taking place now. >> saying errors are contributing to the backlog of claims. >> there is no benefit of pushing a determination out that is wrong. it is going to make the record look worse. >> appeals represent p 1% of the agency's 819,000 pending claims.
6:35 pm
he spent 17 years in the navy. a decade on the streets. addicted to drugs. >> i lost it. i had a breakdown he was waiting for the va to process the claim his family struggled financially. he got a job offer from the health care division. now he works as a cook at the agency medical center. jamie fox now work was the same definition that hired round tree. this spring she found roundtree on facebook. >> i was nervous calling. she heard what happened to his claim. he heard what happened to her job. >> i felt her pain. i felt her anger. i felt everything about her because she and i connected. >> a few weeks later they met. fox convinced him to file a new claim. >> it's not just for me. it's for everybody other vet that is out there suffering.
6:36 pm
that is coming back home. they're going see a difference. okay? >> jose roundtree has been waiting five months to hear whether the va will hear the claim. keep in mind veterans submit claims will weight a year for a decision on this case. a long time. >> what is tough. >> this just in from our abcé)ç affiliate in sacramento. a resident at a senior care facility died from eating poisonous mushrooms. three other residents and an employee are in the hospital. on tuesday a care giver picked wild mushrooms growing in the home and cooked them as a treat. treat. the mushrooms u9h poisonous. the state is investigating. deputies say it appears to be just a tragic mistake. >> when ke come back tonight a video game and navy s.e.a.l.s in trouble for helping out with this.
6:37 pm
how the company
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members of the elite commando unit navy s.e.a.l.s are in hot water after consulting on a video game. >> the navyóvó displained theo will have have an impact?
6:40 pm
david louie has answers. >> the video game puts players in the role of special operkm;bgs forces and it apparently so realist lick the team had their pay back. electronic arts better known as ea isn't talking but analyst dan shu is i think things are going to be careful about what they say. >> a former member of see team 8 says no s.e.a.l. would divulge tactic that's would jeopardize lives. he says the game didn't give anything away. >> there is no planning involved. it's not telling you what tactics to use. >> ea upped the competitive game by embracing warriors.. >> they're trying to find the
6:41 pm
next thing. and looking for it to find it. what is going on now? >> will this put a chill on future games? deliver what the public wants in terms of games. so... if society wants more realism it's our job to give it to them. >> if not s.e.a.l.s where will game developers turn for help? >> we have plenty of people they can go to. he don't see to see it disappearing from store shelves. ae says it will not amendment any organization portions of the game. >> up next abc 7 news i team gets inside of the sovereign situse saens movement. >> people
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around the country a there are is a part of people that say they are in longer part of the country. >> they established their own government and follow their own laws.. >> dan noyes is here with the story. >> the sovereign citizen movement has grown, and some believe there could be hundreds of thousands of people involved. we got access to a meeting of people in california who formed a shadow government for when the real one collapses. >> i pledge allegiance.
6:45 pm
>> itrf÷ó2nñ like it, sounds like it, but this isn't the old glory you and i know. >> we're here to save our nation. >> this is the october meeting of the california assembly of the republic for the united states of america. including bay area gather in the central valley town to plan for the future. the group believes an act of congress made the u.s. government a private form[km profit corporation. people -- members say after that, congress changed its oath as office. >> as a member of congress they changed to taking an oath of office to the corporation. at that immediate moment, is when they vacated congress. >> they elected senators and a president and waiting for the u.s. government to collapse. whit does, they say they will take charge. >> we're working for limited
6:46 pm
government. >> the group follows common law,8ni and believes paying tas is optional its a matter of us being sovereign to rule our selfs.. >> this is all aáteñ gigantic joke. >> mark with the southern law center tracks their activities. the republic leadership states it's not part of the sovereign movement and did not promote violence. he says the beliefs fit the ideology. >> they have the same set of ideas. the government is not lenl jit mitt. it's engaged in a massive rippoff of the citizens. >> this is not a crime. >> it said fbi doesn't get involved unless there is evidence of illegal activity. >> it's a priority. individuals who may become violent.ii? >> buckly says most crimes are
6:47 pm
schemes involving mortgage fraud or promises to relieve debt. the president of the group is in custody on fraud and tax charges. >> this man has been traveling around telling people they can get out of certain debts they can get free money. and a series of other falsehoods. >> and there are cases where sovereigns not linked to the republic have been violent n 2010 jerry and joe killed two officer in arkansas. they died later in a shootout when a sovereign citizen refused to leave his camera outside, a bailiff daysed him. >> oh! oh! >> in arizona michael crane is accused of murdering three people he claims the court has no authority over him. >> i am a sovereign man. >> we come in peace to offer
6:48 pm
forgiveness to the defacto who have defrauded this country. >> back in california the people in this room br to make it official. >> what we're doing here today is say yes. i want to be a sovereign living in honor. >> they swear oath of citizenship. they're now part of a different government. different leaders and laws. the final step, a blood oath. >> congratulations to all of you who declared your citizenship. >> members say they're not violent but will take over
6:49 pm
when the u.s. government fails. they plan to hold elections on december 5th. >> sky 7 took these shots of a ceremony marking opening of the wind where he for mavericks surf contest held between now and march. they want 30-50 foot waves f they open it will be the first in two years conditions were good enough to call the contest. >> not ideal surfing weather now. >> wear layers. >> yes. >> radar shows spots of active weather and showers off shore, that has been the pattern. we have some moving inland near loss gates and near santa cruz.
6:50 pm
tomorrow, calm conditions, winter weather snowing there. great falls will have a hive nine degrees tomorrow. a ni of -- high of nine. state wide, snow over the sierra. mainly light. showers passing down around los angeles. here in the bay area showers give waig to dry conditions into afternoon. high temperatures in 50s tomorrow will be a cool day. here is the accu-weather forecast. getting milder next week
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join me tonight at 9:00. coming up then, what could be last straw. idea of live without coffee may give you jitters but why a chunk of the market could become exstikt. >> a tool in the fight against skin cancer, how it could help diagnose a serious problem. that is tonight at 11:00 right after 2020. >> now on to sports. warriors down south yes. >> walking into the madness in l.a.. they play lakers tonight.
6:54 pm
this morning the lakers fired head coach mike groun. the assistant coach named interim coach. it's early. lakers off to their worst start since 1993 adding stars in the off season but haven't gelled at all. they struggle in the offense which he insisted upon personally. mike brown, i don't know he can coach a duck how to quack. >> the team was out win -- not winning at the pace suspected this team to win. we didn't see improvement. we wish mike well. we're sorry it ended this way. we've guided -- decided to move into another direction owe make change. >> they turned an aircraft
6:55 pm
hangar into an arena. daniels with authority, that is a sophomore there going between defenders. nice look. ryan swooping there, 32-18. spartans came back 13 brand. the cal football team plays tomorrow night. bigger question is whether it will be a final game in americaly. last time they came to berkeley it was a close game. bears lost and held oregon to just 319 yards on offense. bears likely without their quarterback and the ducks well, they play at video game speed.
6:56 pm
>> seems like they have speetd in every position. i think team speed stands out. offense gets a lot of attention. but their defense is excellent. it's all around... really good team. really good football team. >> the three and five raiders heading to baltimore this week going to do it without their top two running games. when mcfadden went down, carson palmer threw 61 times. also three picks. ravens head coach knows that palmer can be dangerous. >> this cannot a throw he can't make. when he's on, he's on time. so he's fearless competitor.
6:57 pm
you watch him play out there. he loves to compete. so we've got a lot of respect for carson palmer. >> and 49ers hosting rams. >> thanks larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> join us again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night for now. ♪
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